Minnesota Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities Program (MNLEND)

Prepares future leaders who will serve children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), other neurodevelopmental and related disabilities (NDDs), and their families in healthcare, education, human services, and policy settings. MNLEND is an interdisciplinary training program that responds to the needs of these children and their families, bringing together faculty, staff and students from 12 disciplines across the University of Minnesota, as well as community members, to:

  1. Advance the knowledge and skills of all child health professionals to improve healthcare delivery systems for children with developmental disabilities;
  2. Provide high-quality interdisciplinary education that emphasizes the integration of services from state and local agencies and organizations, private providers, and communities;
  3. Provide health professionals with skills that foster community-based partnerships; and
  4. Promote innovative practices to enhance cultural competency, family-centered care, and interdisciplinary partnerships.

The MNLEND Program is coordinated by the University of Minnesota's Institute on Community Integration and partners with other departments in the College of Education and Human Development, College of Liberal Arts, and the Academic Health Center.

MNLEND is a center within ICI.

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