Jessica and her four-year-old son, Elias.

Using Telemedicine to Help Families When They Need It Most

When kids have autism, early intervention is critical because the developing brain is so malleable. But long waitlists often mean missed opportunities. Jessica and her son Elias didn’t wait.

They came to Bridging Barriers, a telemedicine study from ICI and the UMN Department of Pediatrics. Elias was promptly diagnosed and his parents are being coached on how to help him while they climb the waitlist. Read more about telemedicine.

Kelly Nye-Lengerman speaking at the AUCD national conference in 2016.

Alumni Update: Kelly Nye-Lengerman

A researcher and former ICI administrator, Kelly Nye-Lengerman became director of the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire during the pandemic. It was a difficult time for a leadership change, but she and her new colleagues came out of COVID-19 stronger and focused on their long-term goal.

“Making communities more inclusive is long-game work,” she said. “Listening is really essential and I think I really refined that skill while I was at ICI. We worked with so many people and entities outside of the organization and so we learned to strip away judgment and create opportunities to hear.” Read more about Nye-Lengerman.

A MNLEND class with their instructors.

Seeking MNLEND Fellows for 2023–24 Year

ICI's MNLEND is a 10-month interdisciplinary leadership training program in policy advocacy and evidence-based research and practices to improve quality-of-life outcomes for children and youth with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Benefits include a generous stipend, national networking opportunities, lifelong interdisciplinary connections, and interdisciplinary leadership development. Apply to MNLEND.