Nao, a socially assistive robot, with its hand on its hip.

7 ICI Teams Featured in CEHD Research Day

Nao (pictured), a socially assistive robot, is the subject of an ICI research poster being displayed at CEHD Research and Innovation Day 2023 on March 23. The poster summarizes ICI’s collaboration with the University’s College of Science and Engineering that is exploring the use of robots equipped with artificial intelligence to interact with people who are aging and encourage them to be physically active. It is one of seven research posters that ICI is displaying at this year's event.

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Cover photo of the new issue of Impact. It shows a Black couple at home with their daughter.

New Impact: Engaging Diverse Communities

What, exactly, is cultural competence in a research context? How do people with disabilities from historically marginalized communities learn about job opportunities and how can we get information to them faster? What are the strengths of families in marginalized communities in relation to family support? How can we better engage people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in all aspects of research into social inclusion and belonging and other important aspects of community life?

This issue in the Impact series highlights critical disability research questions posed at the Institute's recent State of the Science meeting. The issue is also available in Spanish.

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Isabelle Morris (left) writes with a pen while a writing student at Cow Tipping Press looks on.

Autistic, Not Sorry

Isabelle Morris (left) is a MNLEND fellow and autism researcher who describes herself as “unapologetically autistic.” She’s among a growing group of autistic researchers using their lived experience to shape the future of autism research.

One of her research interests is stimming, the repetitive self-stimulating behaviors sometimes used by people with autism to manage emotions. She also teaches inclusive writing for adults with developmental disabilities (pictured).

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