Logo of the Minnesota Transformation Initiative.

MTI Quarterly Trainings

Many employment and day service providers in Minnesota want to end subminimum wages for employees with disabilities. They aim to replace subminimum wages with competitive, integrated employment. To facilitate this process, ICI's Minnesota Transformation Initiative (MTI) holds quarterly trainings that discuss vision, change management, finances, and more.

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John Raffaele, who is NADSP's Director of Educational Services, gestures beside a poster of NADSP's Code of Ethics. The screen also contains the Frontline Initiative masthead, a "play" button, and YouTube markings.

Introduction to the Code of Ethics

Direct support professionals (DSPs) who support people in their communities face ethical dilemmas every day and constantly feel the tension between the ideals of the profession and its practice. Where should DSPs look when they face an ethical dilemma on the job?

More than 20 years ago, the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) wrote a code of ethics for these dilemmas and it has stood the test of time. This article and video from Frontline Initiative, which is jointly published by NADSP and ICI, explains the vision, purpose, and mission of the code.

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Archita Jain. She is outdoors, smiling, and her long hair is blowing in the wind. She is wearing blue hospital "scrubs." The University of Minnesota School of Dentistry wordmark is embroidered on her "scrubs."

Fruitful Change

By the time MNLEND fellow Archita Jain was a dental student, she had already worked with adults and children with disabilities. Many complained about the oral health care system. "I went to dental school because I wanted to… advocate for them. Once people have research and statistics to back up an argument, it’s easier to change things.”

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