A worker with a disability works in a stenciling job at a factory.

Sinking Sub-Minimum Wages

As disability rights advocates work to end sub-minimum wages, service providers are transforming how they assist people with disabilities to find meaningful work and participate in their communities. ICI recently trained eight Minnesota organizations to transition away from sub-minimum wages.

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Jennifer Hall-Lande in 2022 at CDC headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Autism: Recognizing Signs, Connecting Resources

Children with autism have better outcomes when their condition is identified and treated early. ICI is co-presenting a popular professional development series that helps early childhood and other professionals identify signs of autism and other developmental delays. Participants are then given information about connecting communities to resources.

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The cover of Frontline Initiative, 20(1), which covers advocacy and voting. An older Black man in overalls holds a yellow sign that reads "Nothing about us without us." Behind him is a brightly-colored mural of a Black woman's face. In the foreground are the magazine's title and the logos of Frontline Initiative's co-publishers: ICI and the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals.

New Frontline Initiative: DSPs Speak Up!

The new issue of Frontline Initiative urges direct support professionals to speak up for themselves with elected officials, to exercise their voting rights, and to help the people they support do that, too. The Advocacy and Voting issue sets the stage for the NADSP Advocacy Symposium, when DSPs will meet virtually with Congressional leaders.

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