Cover of the Policy Research Brief on institutional bias.

Institutional Bias in Long-Term Services and Supports for People with IDD

Most Medicaid recipients with disabilities would rather receive long-term services in their homes and communities, but Medicaid funding is biased towards institutional living. ICI's new Policy Research Brief explains this institutional bias… and how to tilt it in favor of person-centered services, full community inclusion, and individual choice.

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A young schoolboy raises his hand. He and a Black woman (presumably his mother) are seated at a school desk. Across from them is a White woman (presumably his teacher) with her hand raised. Everyone is smiling.

Empowering Families Toolkit

This toolkit was developed by ICI’s National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO) to provide accessible materials for parents about topics related to assessment-related State Systemic Improvement Plans and State-Identified Measurable Results that states commit to reaching.

These materials are designed to help support their participation in stakeholder meetings. The toolkit includes short video clips and printed flyers. The materials are designed for dissemination through social media, state websites, and at meetings.

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Teri Wallace.

Success, in smaller steps

Meet ICI alum Teri Wallace, the interim associate vice president for research and dean of the extended campus at Minnesota State University, Mankato. She is improving her university’s transfer system, distance-learning and other flexible options.

"When we accept students, it’s incumbent on us to help them succeed, and that core belief evolved from my years at ICI."

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