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Laurie "Chet" Tschetter is a National Workforce Consultant at the Research & Training Center at the Institute on Community Integration (ICI) at the University of Minnesota. She completed a BA in Elementary Education with a minor in Elementary Music at Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

She directed residential and day camps, respite programs, a work-leisure program, and travel program for individuals with disabilities while working at True Friends near Annandale, Minnesota for 20 years. Chet has worked in the field of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). She supported individuals in securing employment and/or navigating university. She was the Education Program Manager for the Autism Society of Minnesota where she provided ASD training to the community, provided social skills classes and events for children and adults with ASD, wrote and administered grants to support the organizations education programs.

At ICI, Chet is the co-editor for Frontline Initiative which is a newsletter for direct support professionals. Chet is active in projects related to the workforce for community services, and contributes to systems change to Person Centered Practices by leading and coordinating training events and authoring for the College of Direct Support.




Offers a suite of competency-based, online curricula for professionals providing services to people with intellectual, developmental, physical, and psychiatric disabilities, and to older adults....


Minnesota DHS Systems Change and Capacity Building Through Research, Training, and Technical Assistance Projects

Conducts research, training and technical assistance activities that enhance Minnesota's capacity to support community living for individuals with disabilities and/or mental illness. Primary areas …


Research and Training Center on Community Living (RTC-CL)

Conducts a wide range of research, training, and technical assistance and dissemination projects related to community supports under its center grant and related project funding. The RTC-CL is …


Sherlock Workforce Initiative Project

Conducts training and technical assistance to recruit, select, hire, train, and retain direct support professionals (DSPs) and frontline supervisors (FLSs), ultimately improving services and …


Training for Direct Support Workers Employed in Self-Directed Programs

This project provided training for more than 1,000 direct support workers (DSWs). The purpose of the training was to provide information on the following topics: 1) disability rights movement; 2) …


Direct Support Workforce Solutions

Direct Support Workforce Solutions is a national consulting group addressing the workforce needs of organizations providing community-based supports for individuals with disabilities. Drawing on …


Frontline Initiative: DSPs Using the NADSP Code of Ethics

Every day, direct support professionals (DSPs) make significant decisions affecting the lives of the people they support. But it can be hard for DSPs to make decisions when they are doing something…

Published: Fall/Winter 2023

Direct Support Professionals and the COVID-19 Vaccine

This 11-minute webinar addresses COVID-19 vaccinations for direct support professionals. Topics include: The reasons why people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are more vulnerable …

Published: 2/24/2022

Frontline Initiative: The Changing Roles of the Direct Support Professional

A newsletter issue recognizing the changing role of the Direct Support Professional (DSP). This issue highlights public policies that can support the changing role of DSPs, and ways they support …

Published: 2018

Wellness Matters for Direct Support: Episode 4: Supporting Mental Health with a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

Susan O’Nell, Aja Owens, and Stan Schmidt talk about mental health and the benefits of having a wellness recovery action plan. Below are links to some helpful resources and sources cited in this …

Published: November 2023

Frontline Initiative: DSPs Respond to COVID-19

This issue is dedicated to direct support professionals and all they have endured since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes stories from self-advocates, family members, health care …

Published: 2021

A Closer Look: Episode 5: Advocating for Yourself with Megan Russell

Megan Russell has supported Jay as a direct support professional (DSP) for the past 10 years. In this episode, Megan talks about her experience at the NADSP Advocacy Symposium where she learned …

Published: 2/22/2024

Frontline Initiative: Advocacy and Voting

Direct support professionals (DSPs) advocate regularly with the people they support. This issue of Frontline Initiative argues that DSPs now need to speak up for themselves and their profession— …

Published: Spring 2024

HCBS Modules for Person-Centered Organizations: Using a Team Approach to Build on Person-Centered Practices (#2)

This module tells how to create a team who will improve services. There are many different types of HCBS, which means that teams will look different across providers. This module helps you consider…

Published: 8/27/2021

Wellness Matters for Direct Support: Episode 6: Olivia Kaplan on Trauma-Informed Care

Olivia Kaplan is a life success coach at Carey Services in Indiana. She tells how her organization implemented trauma-informed care, what it took to train staff, and how trauma-informed care …

Published: February 2024

HCBS Modules for Person-Centered Organizations: Making Person-Centered Practices a Part of Everyday Work (#6)

Successful teams include new person-centered ideas in the meetings, work routines, and trainings that already occur within HCBS. This module will share how teams have been able to work smarter, …

Published: 8/27/2021

Wellness Matters for Direct Support: Episode 3: Promoting Resilience in Direct Support

Samantha (Sam) Hedden, MSc Ed, discusses how direct support professionals (DSPs) can become more resilient and why this is important. DSPs continue to face increased stress in their roles serving …

Published: November 2022

Frontline Initiative: Direct Support Professionals Supporting People’s Employment

This issue is on direct support professionals (DSPs) supporting people’s employment. Many people with disabilities experience barriers in getting the job they want. This can be discouraging. This …

Published: Winter 2022

Wellness Matters for Direct Support: Episode 1: Introduction to Wellness Matters for Direct Support

Work stress and burnout can impact the quality of support that DSPs provide. Hosts Mark Olson and Chet Tschetter talk about their own work experiences as DSPs and how they approach wellness from a …

Published: October 2022

Frontline Initiative: DSPs Respond to Crisis

Direct support professionals (DSPs) have been through a lot this past year. Through a global pandemic, natural disasters, social unrest, and personal distress, they’ve stepped up as they always do …

Published: 2021

Frontline Initiative: Making a Career in Direct Support

This issue of Frontline Initiative is about making a career in direct support. Direct support professionals (DSPs) report on why and how they have accomplished this. People supported and their …

Published: 9/21/2020

Person and Family-Centered Approaches in Mental Health and Co-Occurring Disorders Training Project: Final Report

A report describing Developing and Engaging Training on Person-Centered and Family-Centered Approaches in Mental Health and Co-occurring Disorders , a training project that ICI performed for the …

Published: 2019

A Closer Look: Episode 2: Host Chet Tschetter Talks with LeAnn Bieber about Healthcare Person-centered Profiles

Frontline Initiative author LeAnn Bieber talks about how using tools such as a Health Care Person-Centered Profile and a one-page description can make a positive difference in how a medical …

Published: 7/6/2023

HCBS Modules for Person-Centered Organizations: Creating an Action Plan (#5)

Once the assessment is complete, teams will choose a simple set of actions that can be completed by working smarter, not harder, and by considering the work that is already being done within the …

Published: 8/27/2021

A Closer Look: Episode 1: Introduction to A Closer Look

Host Chet Tschetter discusses what “A Closer Look” is and what the listeners can expect. In this podcast, we will talk with the authors of recent issues of Frontline Initiative and really dig in …

Published: 6/1/2023

Frontline Initiative: Self-Care for DSPs

A newsletter issue promoting self-care for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). To assist the people they support, DSPs must also take care of their own needs, health, and wellness. Incorporating …

Published: 2019

A Closer Look: Episode 4: Michelle Murphy on Becoming an Interviewer

Michelle Murphy left the corporate world 19 years ago and became a direct support professional (DSP) when her sister strongly suggested she come to work with her at her workshop job. Michelle is …

Published: 2024-01-04

HCBS Modules for Person-Centered Organizations: Assessing Your Organization’s Strengths and Needs (#4)

Each HCBS provider is unique. A completed assessment will reflect the strengths of existing services as well as what can be done to improve outcomes for people. Different approaches are used to …

Published: 8/27/2021

HCBS Modules for Person-Centered Organizations: Confirming Readiness (#3)

The team assesses how ready the staff and people supported are in working together to improve HCBS. Everyone is involved in improving outcomes for HCBS. For this reason, it is important to make …

Published: 8/27/2021

Frontline Initiative: The Diverse Voices of DSPs

This issue explores diverse and lesser-heard voices among direct support professionals. Authors include DSPs who are autistic, Deaf, members of the LGBTQ+ community, people of color, and immigrants…

Published: 2022

A Closer Look: Episode 3: Zoe Korengold from Lionsgate Academy in Shoreview, Minnesota on Supporting Students’ Psychological Health and Wellness

Two-time Frontline Initiative author Zoe Korengold, who is on the support response team (SRT) at Lionsgate Academy, reflects on how they handle situations with students who are experiencing big …

Published: 7/31/2023

HCBS Modules for Person-Centered Organizations: Evaluating Person-Centered Practices Over Time (#7)

Providers are already expected to report on HCBS outcomes related to people receiving services. The goal of this module is to help teams consider what data are already being collected, brainstorm …

Published: 8/27/2021

Frontline Initiative: Supporting Healthy Relationships

This issue of Frontline Initiative focuses on developing awareness, knowledge, and skills for supporting healthy relationships. It also includes information about tools and resources that direct...

Published: 2020

A Closer Look: Episode 6: Guest Amy Hewitt: "No One is Better at Telling Your Story Than You Are"

Our guest is Amy Hewitt, Ph.D., director of the Institute on Community Integration at the University of Minnesota. Amy explains that as direct support professionals, you have to fight for what you …

Published: 3/28/2024

Wellness Matters for Direct Support: Episode 2: Wellness, Flourishing, and the Importance of a Holistic Approach to Self-Care

Lynda Lahti Anderson, a researcher from the University of Minnesota, talks about wellness and flourishing and the importance of a holistic approach to self-care. Links to additional resources: …

Published: October 2022

HCBS Modules for Person-Centered Organizations: Overview of the Minnesota Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Modules for Person-Centered Organizations (#1)

This module provides an overview for improving person-centered outcomes in HCBS. Major terms are introduced and details about the training are described. The goal is not to teach how to master a …

Published: 8/27/2021

HCBS Modules for Person-Centered Organizations: Problem-Solving When Person-Centered Related Challenges Occur (#8)

Every provider experiences challenges while providing HCBS. These challenges make it harder to improve person-centered outcomes. This module explains how staff attrition, lack of resources, and …

Published: 8/27/2021

Frontline Initiative: DSPs Supporting People's Health and Wellness

The pandemic brought direct support professionals’ role of supporting peoples’ health and wellness to the forefront. DSPs had to slow down, take more precautions, and learn new ways to maintain …

Published: Summer 2023

Wellness Matters for Direct Support: Episode 5: Eating Healthy on a Budget

Jenny Breen has been a professional chef and advocate for sustainable food systems and food justice, and has worked directly with farmers and producers in the Twin Cities area, since the mid-1980s …

Published: November 2023


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