Minnesota Transformation Initiative Technical Assistant Center (MTI)


ICI and the University of Massachusetts Boston are collaboratively designing, implementing, and evaluating the Minnesota Transformation Initiative Technical Assistance Center (MTI). MTI supports Minnesota organizations to increase competitive, integrated employment while ending their use of subminimum wages for people with disabilities.

MTI's goals are:

  1. Develop and implement technical assistance plans with employment providers selected by the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS)
  2. Monitor and support provider progress toward project goals
  3. Develop and implement mentoring strategies to support peer-to-peer mentoring with self-advocates and providers
  4. Develop and implement a statewide training strategy to support provider transformation
  5. Develop a family engagement program
  6. Collaborate on a demonstration pilot project to introduce the LifeCourse Connect platform to individuals interested in moving from subminimum wage to competitive, integrated employment
  7. Integrate equity, inclusion, and diversity into all project activities
  8. Evaluate the effectiveness of MTI
  9. Implement a management structure to ensure project oversight and continuous quality improvement
Julie Bershadsky, Danielle C Mahoehney
Julie Bershadsky
Minnesota Department of Human Services
University of Massachusetts Boston


Julie Bershadsky :: Director, Community Living and Employment

Danielle C Mahoehney :: Community Living and Employment Specialist

Brian C Begin :: Education Program Specialist


Sherry L Healey :: Education Program Specialist

Jerry W Smith :: Director of Marketing and Communications

Kristin Dean :: Director of Information Technology


Connie J Burkhart :: Graphic Designer

Amy Kurowski-Moen :: Executive Office and Administration Specialist


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MTI Success Stories: PHASE-Industries

PHASE-Industries is a day and employment provider serving people with disabilities in rural Minnesota. In 2021, PHASE-Industries decided to transition away from a center-based, subminimum wage …

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