MTI Quarterly Trainings: Training New and Existing Staff to Improve Retention


Quality training is essential to retaining a highly-skilled, competent, and confident workforce. It can be difficult to find time to properly train new direct support professionals(DSPs) and frontline supervisors (FLSs) beyond compliance and to keep long-time employees engaged in the organization. It can also be challenging to ensure that training is meeting the current needs (and desires!) of the employees, is resulting in better outcomes, and if the training is reducing turnover or other key metrics in your organization. Staff from the Institute on Community Integration at the University of Minnesota discuss best practices in training including onboarding and orientation of new employees, continuing to provide training for long-time staff that goes beyond compliance, and measuring outcomes to ensure that the training is meeting the needs of the employees. Minnesota-based training resources are discussed and also best practices in supporting DSPs and FLSs to get the training they need to go beyond competence in their jobs.


Minnesota Transformation Initiative Technical Assistant Center (MTI)


  • Direct support workforce
    • Retention and recruitment
    • Training