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Research and Training Center on Community Living (RTC-CL)

Conducts a wide range of research, training, and technical assistance and dissemination projects related to community supports under its center grant and related project funding. The RTC-CL is …


Residential Information Systems Project (RISP)

Examines the status of, and longitudinal trends in, provision of institutional and home and community based long-term supports and services for people with intellectual and developmental disabiliti…


Minnesota Transformation Initiative Technical Assistant Center (MTI)

ICI and the University of Massachusetts Boston are collaboratively designing, implementing, and evaluating the Minnesota Transformation Initiative Technical Assistance Center (MTI). MTI supports …


Long-term Supports and Services for Persons with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities: Status and Trends Through 2019

Ever wonder how many people in the United States have intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD), how many of them get publicly funded supports from state IDD agencies, or where people …

Published: 2022

RISP Data Bytes: Jails, Prisons, and Large State Institutions

Many people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) who live in state-run facilities of 16 or more people have had previous criminal involvement. In 2019, 29% of people admitted to …

Published: 2024

RISP Data Bytes: More People with IDD get Services in Homes Shared by Three or Fewer People

ICI's Residential Information Systems Project (RISP) gets information each year from state IDD agencies about the places where people with IDD live. In 1977, 247,780 people with IDD lived in large …

Published: 2023

RISP Data Bytes: Most People in Large IDD Facilities Now Live in Settings Operated by Nonstate Providers

In 1967, almost 200,000 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) lived in large state institutions. Initially, those leaving state facilities moved to non-state ones. Starting …

Published: 2023

Policy Research Brief: Institutionalization Bias in Long-Term Services and Supports for People with IDD

Medicaid requires states to provide institutional services to eligible Medicaid recipients, but allows states to have waiting lists for recipients preferring home and community based services. …

Published: September 2023

Policy Forum: Institutional Bias in Long-Term Services and Supports for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

This Policy Forum from October 3, 2023 discussed the Policy Research Brief titled, Institutional Bias in Long-Term Services and Supports for People with IDD . Slides from the presentation are …

Published: 10/3/2023