Sarah Hall

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Sarah Hall, PhD, is involved in research about the social inclusion of older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) transitioning to retirement in order to identify trends, individual perspectives, and supports. Hall is also involved in research projects about the recruitment, retention, and competencies of direct support providers (i.e., staff who work for people with IDD) and their supervisors through customized support and training. 

Hall has published research about the social inclusion of young adults with intellectual disabilities, siblings of adults with IDD, and ways to include people with IDD in research. Her main research interests include the social inclusion of people with IDD, which comprises friendships/social relationships, community participation, and a sense of belonging. As a sibling of a brother with multiple disabilities, she is also interested in family relationships and supports. She values the interconnectedness of families as well as the self-determination of people with IDD that is achieved through person-centered practices.   

Hall is a Fellow of the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and serves on the Executive Committee of their Religion and Spirituality Division. She also served on the Board of Directors for Ohio SIBS (Special Initiatives by Brothers and Sisters) for eight years and co-coordinated a transition retreat for high school students with IDD and their siblings. 

Hall received her PhD from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Her dissertation focused on the social inclusion of young adults with intellectual disabilities, earning her the University Libraries Influence Award. She became an associate professor at Ashland University and taught special education courses in transition, collaboration, behavior management, assessment, and educational intervention. She also has experience as a high school special education teacher, group home staff, youth fencing coach, and leader of a Friendship Ministries program for people with and without disabilities.

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