Transition to Retirement: A Guide to Inclusive Practice: Adaptations for the Current U.S. Context


The Transition to Retirement (TTR) book/eBook and video (Stancliffe et al., 2013; hereafter the TTR manual) is an evidence-based Australian manual describing how to successfully implement the TTR approach with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to support them to participate in mainstream community groups and volunteering and so develop a socially inclusive retirement lifestyle.

This resource guide is intended to complement the TTR manual by proposing changes and updates to make the TTR approach even more appropriate and relevant to the current context in the United States. The TTR approach can be used to support individuals with IDD working in mainstream jobs (competitive or supported employment) or in sheltered employment. Further, the TTR approach can be used to support socially inclusive activities at any age and need not to be tied to either employment or retirement. That said, this resource guide maintains the focus on paid work and retirement.

This resource guide is structured on a chapter-by-chapter basis, so that suggested modifications and updates are linked to the specific TTR manual content from each of the nine chapters and two appendices of the manual.

The ideas and information presented in this resource guide from 2023 are the responsibility of the authors named above and should not be assumed to represent the views of the authors of the TTR manual from 2013.


September 2023 
Resource Guide 
Research and Training Center on Community Living (RTC-CL)


  • Community life
    • Aging and retirement
  • Specific disability
    • Intellectual/developmental disability (IDD)