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TIES Center: Increasing Time, Instructional Effectiveness, Engagement, and State Support for Inclusive Practices for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

Creates sustainable changes in school and district educational systems so that students with significant cognitive disabilities can fully engage in the same instructional and non-instructional…


Supporting Students With Disabilities in Inclusive Schools: A Curriculum for Job-Embedded Paraprofessional Development

A curriculum supporting special educators in their role of teaching paraprofessionals to work with students with disabilities, focusing on increasing paraprofessional knowledge and skills for…

Published: 2002

Employing, Developing and Directing Special Education Paraprofessionals in Inclusive Education Programs: Findings From a Multi-Site Case Study

A report describing the systems that three school districts used to employ, develop, and direct special education paraprofessionals to work effectively in inclusive education programs. Findings…

Published: 2003

TIES Building Engagement with Distance Learning Series: DL #28: Not letting LRE Slide: Ensuring inclusive education during COVID

During COVID, how can teams prioritize the least restrictive environment and inclusive education? How do we assure that we are teaching students with significant cognitive disabilities in the least…

Published: February 2021

MTSS for All: Including Students with the Most Significant Cognitive Disabilities

The purpose of this Brief is to provide suggestions for ways in which the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) can include students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. 

Published: 1/23/2020

Successfully Instructing and Assessing Students who Take the Alternate Assessment (and Those Who Used to Take the Alternate)

This presentation addresses how to successfully instruct and assess students who currently take alternate assessments or used to take them. It was presented at the 2020 Inclusive Education…

Published: 2020-11-11