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James Houseworth, Ph.D, began his career in Education and Human Development as a high school teacher in Chicago, IL. His dissertation work focused on how basic numerical ability (particularly understanding fraction, decimals, and percents) influences decision making in an inherently uncertain world.

James is versed in statistical analysis to detect group differences, trends over time, how individual differences influences outcomes, and how factors relate to influence and create more complicated sets of skills and outcomes.

HIs primary work at ICI is focused on assessing outcomes for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), particularly outcomes related to maximizing individual choice and community inclusion.

He is currently developing research to find ways to increase the understanding of and involvement in medical decision-making that includes risk for individuals with IDD. This work largely revolves around identifying best practices (e.g. visual representations) to convey risk information to individuals with IDD.



National Core Indicators Field Initiated Projects Program: Advance Exploration of Factors Affecting Quality of Life Outcomes of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Uses the data sets from the National Core Indicators (NCI) Program with the expertise of the project team to advance disability and rehabilitation research and disseminate and translate results…


Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Outcome Measurement (RTC-OM)

Evaluates measures of the quality of life experienced by people with disabilities as a result of receiving services and supports. Past measures tended to focus on money spent on services for…


HCBS Outcome Framework Results

A webinar for policymakers and family members on the results of the process used to validate the National Quality Forum HCBS Outcome Framework.

Published: 2017

Policy Research Brief: Developments in Living Arrangements and Choice for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

A brief examining how living arrangements and choice have changed for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) over the past 10 years. Choice is an important component of…

Published: 2018