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Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on HCBS Outcome Measurement (RTC-OM)

Evaluates measures of the quality of life experienced by people with disabilities as a result of receiving services and supports. Past measures tended to focus on money spent on services for…


Research and Training Center on Community Living (RTC-CL)

Conducts a wide range of research, training, and technical assistance and dissemination projects related to community supports under its center grant and related project funding. The RTC-CL is…


RISP: National Residential Information Systems Project: Data Collection and Information Dissemination on Residential and In Home Services for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (RISP)

Examines the status of, and longitudinal trends in, provision of institutional and home and community based long-term supports and services for people with intellectual and developmental…


QualityMall.org Web Site on Person-Centered Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Provides resources and information on leading-edge, person-centered supports for use by individuals with disabilities, families, advocates, government officials, and service providers, in a wide…


Reinventing Quality: A Biennial Conference on Person-Centered Supports

Showcases best practices in person-centered supports from across the nation. This conference is held every two years.


Self-Advocacy Online: Research and Development to Bridge the Digital Divide

Develops a model for making Web sites accessible for people with intellectual and related cognitive disabilities, and launches an educational and networking Web site for teens and adults with…


NCSET Information Brief: Teaching Social Skills

A brief outlining the importance of social skills education for youth with disabilities, identifying specific skills needed by youth, providing guidance for choosing and implementing social skills…

Published: October 2004

Quality Mall

An interactive database providing an online clearinghouse of over 3,500 resources from around the country related to person-centered services and supports for persons with intellectual and…

Published: 2004 - Present

Self-Advocacy Online

A multimedia resource providing information important to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities that is accessible to all. The content is translated into understandable language…

Published: 2012-Present

An Independent Assessment of the Region 10 Quality Assurance Commission Voice Review Program

A report on the VOICE program, a person-centered quality assurance system that emphasizes self-determination created by the Region 10 Quality Assurance Commission in Southeast Minnesota.

Published: 2008

Through Asking the Right Questions... You Can Reach Your Destination

A pocket guide containing questions for families and persons with disabilities to ask as they interview residential service providers and decide which are best suited to meet their support needs.

Published: 1999

Policy Research Brief: Developments in Living Arrangements and Choice for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

A brief examining how living arrangements and choice have changed for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) over the past 10 years. Choice is an important component of…

Published: 2018


  • Community life
    • Aging and retirement
      • Assistive/adaptive technology
        • Civil rights
          • Community supports and services
            • Person-centered planning and practices
              • Quality outcomes
                • Recreation and leisure
                  • Self-advocacy and self-determination
                    • Support coordination and case management
                    • Housing and residential services
                      • Community group residential
                        • Consumer/self-directed services
                          • Family supports/in-home services
                            • Housing access
                              • Institutions and deinstitutionalization
                                • Medicaid services (residential)
                                • Specific disability
                                  • Intellectual/developmental disability (IDD)
                                    • Multiple disabilities
                                      • Other health impairment
                                        • Physical disability
                                        • Specific life stage
                                          • Adolescents and young adults
                                            • Adults
                                              • Seniors


                                              • Dissemination
                                                • Evaluation
                                                  • Outreach
                                                    • Research
                                                      • Technical assistance