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    TIES Inclusive Practices Series (TIPS): TIES TIP #3: Getting to Know Students who use AAC

    This TIP describes how educational team members can develop and use student profiles, communication plans, and daily plans to guide the successful involvement of students with significant communica…

    Published: January 2020

    TIES Center Reports: Communication Competence in the Inclusive Setting: A Review of the Literature (#103)

    This report presents findings from a literature review that was conducted to identify evidenced-based approaches to supporting the development of communicative competence for K-8 students in …

    Published: June 2019

    TIES Inclusive Practices Series (TIPS): TIP #23: Supporting the Communication Needs of Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) Users who are also English Learners

    Students with significant cognitive disabilities who are also English Learners or emergent multilingual language users present unique opportunities for inclusive education teams. This TIP provides …

    Published: April 2021

    TIES Inclusive Practices Series (TIPS): Tip #2: Using Collaborative Teams to Support Students with Significant Communication Needs in Inclusive Classrooms

    A tip sheet outlining how to employ collaborative teams to support students with significant communication needs in inclusive classrooms. Collaborative teams will require additional planning for general and special education teachers as well as related service providers.

    Published: 2019

    TIP #4: Successfully Using Communication Practices in the Inclusive Class

    This TIP provides background on the use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices for students with significant cognitive disabilities in inclusive classrooms. Key sectionsaddress…

    Published: January 2020

    TIES Inclusive Practices Series (TIPS): Tip #1. How Peers Can Support AAC Use by Students with Significant Communication Needs

    A tip sheet showing how inclusion, friendship, and communication ensure valued social roles and life-long learning. Peer-mediated supports combined with training are essential for supporting …

    Published: 2019