A series of guides aiming to increase the capacity of organizations involved in secondary education and transition for youth with disabilities. These guides (resource guides, practice guides, policy guides, and others) include many ready-to-use handouts, overheads, forms, and other tools that can be used in a variety of settings, including meetings, classrooms, and employment settings.

Some content is out-of-date


October 2005
In publication since May 2004
Resource Guide 
National Center on Secondary Education and Transition (NCSET)


  • NCSET Essential Tools: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity - Implications for Transition Personnel
  • NCSET Essential Tools: Community Resource Mapping
  • NCSET Essential Tools: Handbook for Implementing a Comprehensive Work-Based Learning Program According to the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • NCSET Essential Tools: Interagency Transition Team Development and Facilitation
  • NCSET Essential Tools: In Their Own Words - Employer Perspectives on Youth with Disabilities in the Workplace
  • NCSET Essential Tools: Increasing Rates of School Completion - Moving From Policy and Research to Practice
  • Topics

    • Education practices (K12 and transition)
      • Transition planning
      • Specific life stage
        • Adolescents and young adults