NCSET Essential Tools: Interagency Transition Team Development and Facilitation

Part of the NCSET Essential Tools series.
Robert A Stodden, Steven E Brown, L M Galloway, Susan Mrazek, Liora Noy


A resource guide designed to help state-level transition coordinators and others who form, conduct, and evaluate interagency teams that address the school and postschool needs of youth with disabilities. Relevant at national, state, and local levels, this guide offers instruction on how to build an effective interagency transition team; determine initial roles, responsibilities, and the team vision; conduct team meetings; and determine whether the team is making progress and meeting its goals. It also profiles several successful state interagency transition teams.

Prepared by staff of the Center on Disability Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa , a partner of NCSET.

Some content is out-of-date


January 2005 
Resource Guide 
National Center on Secondary Education and Transition (NCSET)
Center on Disability Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa


  • Education practices (K12 and transition)
    • Transition planning
  • Specific life stage
    • Adolescents and young adults
  • Educational accountability and assessment
    • Evaluation of education programs