The TeleOutreach Center at the Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain brings together researchers, clinical pediatric providers, and developmental specialists to use technology to understand and to address barriers to assessment and intervention for children, youth, and adults with developmental and mental health needs, and their families. The TeleOutreach Center is focused on the following objectives:

  • Delivering clinical services to more families
  • Leveraging technology to provide training and education
  • Connecting quickly with families and providers facing urgent situations
  • Conducting innovative research
  • Building scalable connections with community
Jessica J Simacek
Jessica J Simacek
Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
Department of Pediatrics, Medical School, University of Minnesota
Autism and Neurodevelopment Clinic, University of Minnesota
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Minnesota
Department of Educational Psychology, College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota
Institute of Child Development, College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota
Medical School, University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota Extension


Jessica J Simacek :: Director, TeleOutreach Center

Adele F Dimian :: Research Associate

Jennifer A Hall-Lande :: Research Associate

Amy S Hewitt :: Director, Institute on Community Integration

Libby J Hallas :: Project Coordinator

Seunghee Lee :: Research Associate, TeleOutreach Center

Kyle Sterrett :: Assistant Professor

Andrea I Castillo :: Research Professional

Hannah Beavis :: Research Assistant

Betul Cakir Dilek :: Graduate Research Assistant

Anne Floyd :: Graduate Research Assistant

Partner staff

Amy N Esler PhD :: Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics


  • Specific life stage
    • Early childhood
    • Children
    • Adolescents and young adults
    • Adults
  • Early education and development
    • Early intervention
    • Early childhood screening and assessment
  • Specific disability
    • Intellectual/developmental disability (IDD)
    • Mental health and/or chemical dependency