Matthew J Schuelka

Matthew J Schuelka

University of Birmingham [United Kingdom]
  • Lecturer in Inclusive Education
  • Programme Director, Inclusion and Special Educational Needs (ISEN)

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Dr Matthew Schuelka is Lecturer in Inclusive Education and also serves as the Programme Director for the Inclusion and Special Educational Needs (ISEN) programme at the University of Birmingham – both in the United Kingdom and in Dubai.

He comes from a diverse background of study, research, and teaching experience in the United States, Bhutan, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom. Past school teaching experience includes general education, music education, language arts, and special/inclusive education. Dr Schuelka is very active in inclusive education development, policy, and understanding around the world. He has been involved in educational research and development projects in places such as the United States, Serbia, Zambia, India, Japan, Malaysia, and especially Bhutan. He is a consulting advisor at ICI's Global Resource Center on Inclusive Education and has undertaken research and consultation for UNICEF, USAID, JICA, the British Academy, and the Toyota Foundation.

Dr. Schuelka has a wide research focus on inclusive education policy, systems, and structures; inclusion as a whole-school approach (i.e. Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, Universal Design for Learning, and other frameworks); educational anthropology; and disability studies.