Supporting Employment for Persons with Disabilities in Bhutan: Results from an Employer Survey


This report presents the results of an employer survey in Bhutan focused on recruiting, hiring, and employing people with disabilities. The survey results show a need for significant change if employers in Bhutan are to effectively support the employment of more citizens with disabilities and respect their basic human right to employment. There is a need for attitudinal change among employers and throughout Bhutanese society if employees with disabilities are to become as skilled, productive, and successful as their coworkers without disabilities. Bhutan clearly needs to align policies and practices related to people with disabilities with the country's cherished societal values. There is also a great need to make workplaces more accessible and train employers to effectively support workers with disabilities.

Suggested Citation

Tichá, R., Abery, B., Schuelka, M., Sherab, K., & Tshewang, U. S. (2022). Supporting employment for persons with disabilities in Bhutan: Results from an employer survey. Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota.


Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota