Kelly Nye-Lengerman PhD, Amy L Gunty, John Butterworth, Alberto Migliore, Oliver Lyons, Jill Eastman, Agnes Zalewska


A series of one-page briefs highlighting the effective employment practices of employment consultants who promote the Employment First philosophy. Employment First sees employment as the preferred outcome for people with disabilities and encourages those supporting people with disabilities to promote employment as an outcome first, before considering alternatives. Employment First means integrated settings in the community with the same wages and benefits as people without disabilities. However, the community employment rate among job seekers with disabilities remains low while rates of facility-based and non-work have risen. Employment First aims to reduce this gap and these briefs offer employment consultants practical advice on how to accomplish that. Published by ThinkWork, a partnership of the University of Massachusetts Boston's Institute for Community Inclusion and the Research and Training Center for Community Living at the University of Minnesota's Institute on Community Integration.


ThinkWork: Research and Training Center on Advancing Employment with IDD
Institute for Community Inclusion, University of Massachusetts Boston
Research and Training Center on Community Living (RTC-CL)


  • Bringing Employment First to Scale: Building Trust
  • Bringing Employment First to Scale: Getting to Know Job Seekers
  • Bringing Employment First to Scale: Supports Planning
  • Bringing Employment First to Scale: Finding Tasks and Jobs
  • Bringing Employment First to Scale: Support After Hire