Wed Oct 19 2016
American delegates launching the University of Minnesota/Armenian State Pedagogical University in Armenia in October 2016.

Brian Abery and Renáta Tichá are in Armenia to launch Enhancing the Inclusion of Children and Youth with Disabilities in Armenia: University of Minnesota - Armenian State Pedagogical University (ASPU) Partnership, a project that is part of ICI's Global Resource Center on Inclusive Education… and educators, government, and media are taking notice. The above photograph, which appeared in The Armenian Post, shows (from left to right) Abery, Susan O'Connor, Tichá, Christopher Johnstone, and Kevin Miller, a Fulbright Scholar at ASPU who was one of the presenters. Deputy U.S. Ambassador to Armenia  opened the conference where the partnership between the University of Minnesota and Armenian State Pedagogical University (ASPU) was announced on October 13.

ASPU's website also covered the Minnesota representatives' activities for their first week , the partnership launch,  and their meeting with APSU's rector. Funded by UNICEF Armenia, the two universities are collaborating to ensure that inclusive education practices that were proven in the U.S. can be adapted to Armenia and their usability and feasibility are understood in Armenia.