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Darrell Peterson, Ph. D., is an Educational Program Specialist involved with several projects at the National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO). His focus is the development and implementation of professional development on topics related to the inclusion of students with disabilities, ELs, and ELs with disabilities in assessments and instruction, primarily in the form of online training modules for parents and educators. Darrell has over 20 years of professional experience designing and developing professional development for online delivery. His primary area of interest is in the use of instructional technology to enhance the educational achievement of individuals with disabilities. Dr. Peterson holds a PhD in Learning Technologies from the University of Minnesota.

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National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO)

Provides national leadership in designing and building educational assessments and accountability systems that appropriately monitor educational results.


TIES Center: Increasing Time, Instructional Effectiveness, Engagement, and State Support for Inclusive Practices for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

Creates sustainable changes in school and district educational systems so that students with significant cognitive disabilities can fully engage in the same instructional and non-instructional …


Improving Instruction for English Learners Through Improved Accessibility Decisions

Developed two professional development modules on accessibility and accommodations decision making for instruction and assessment for English learners. One module is for educators and the other is …


Creating Social Change for English Language Learners by Improving Access to Grade-level Instruction

Book description: The recent increase in immigration patterns in the United States has meant an increase in the number of children whose first language is not English entering American schools. …Published: 2023

Using Online Professional Development Modules to Learn about Accessibility Features and Accommodations

This presentation explored using online professional development modules to learn about accessibility features and accommodations. It was presented at the 2018 Minnesota Department of Education's …

Published: 2018-11-17

Where Do I Go? What Do I Do? Training Educators of Rural English Learners to Provide Accessible Instruction and Assessment

This chapter describes a federally-funded grant project to train West Virginia educators and parents on accessible assessment and instruction for K-12 English learners. West Virginia is a rural …

Published: 2023

NCEO Parent Fact Sheets: Participating in What your Child is Being Taught and is Learning in School (Parent Fact Sheet #2)

This Fact Sheet helps parents improve two-way communication with teachers, including guidance for families with students with disabilities and English learners. This Fact Sheet provides to help …

Published: 8/14/2023

Making and Implementing Accessibility and Accommodations Decisions in Assessment and Instruction for English Learners

This presentation focused on how to make and implement accessibility and accommodations decisions in assessment and instruction for English learners. It was presented at the 2019 National Conferenc…

Published: 2019-06-25

Using Online Modules to Learn about Accessibility Features and Accommodations

This presentation focused on using online modules to learn about accessibility features and accommodations. It was presented at the 2019 National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE) annual …

Published: 2019-03-08

Online Modules Demonstration on Accessibility Features and Accommodations for Educators

This presentation, showing an online modules demonstration on accessibility features and accommodations for educators, was presented at the 2020 Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) annual …

Published: 2020-02-06

What Do You Wish Your Colleagues Knew About Making Content Accessible for ELs?

This presentation addressed making academic content accessible for English learners. It was presented at the 2019 Minnesota Department of Education's Minnesota English Learner Education conference …

Published: 2019-11-22