Project SCOPE: Supporting Children of the Opioid Epidemic


ICI's MNLEND program has created a network of partner organizations across Minnesota to enhance developmental screening, monitoring, and education for families dealing with the effects of opioid exposure. ICI's effort is part of the Project SCOPE national training initiative. Under the initiative, MNLEND assembles a statewide interdisciplinary team to complete immersion training in ECHO-SCOPE, a guided practice model that uses knowledge-sharing videoconference networks led by expert training teams. The model brings the latest evidence-based training in disability and other services to families, educators, providers, and administrators in their homes, schools, and offices.

ICI’s Minnesota Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (MNLEND) fellowship program coordinates the effort, in cooperation with the ICI Telehealth Laboratory and its Learn the Signs, Act Early autism intervention team. Several of ICI’s external partners, including the state’s major health agencies, Hennepin County, the Minneapolis Public Schools Early Childhood Special Education Family Navigators Program, and the University of Minnesota’s Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare, are expected to be part of the network.

Three series were completed and recorded in 2021-2022. Recordings of each series' sessions can be found at the Project SCOPE YouTube channel and in the following playlists:

Jennifer A Hall-Lande, Rebecca Dosch Brown
Jennifer A Hall-Lande, Rebecca Dosch Brown
Wyoming Institute for Disabilities


Jennifer A Hall-Lande :: Research Associate

Rebecca Dosch Brown :: Director of Interdisciplinary Education


Drake B Bauer :: Research Assistant

Jessica J Simacek :: Director, TeleOutreach Center