Art for All: The Stephanie Evelo Program for Art Inclusion


The Stephanie Evelo Program for Art Inclusion at the Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota, connects artists with disabilities with organizations throughout the Twin Cities area. Through exhibits and events, Art for All creates inclusive spaces for discussing, promoting, and selling the artists’ work.

 By supporting artists’ practice to contribute their talents in the broader community, the program embodies ICI's mission of improving policies and practices to ensure that all children, youth, and adults with disabilities, and those receiving educational supports, are valued by and contribute to their communities of choice.

 Sheryl and David Evelo, in partnership with ICI, founded the Art for All Endowment in memory of their daughter Stephanie Evelo (1969-2012), a gifted artist and dedicated employee and colleague of ICI. Donations support the program through the Stephanie Award, which is given to one artist per exhibit. Donations also support the purchase of artwork for the Evelo Art Collection, a permanent collection on display at ICI’s primary building on the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota.

Nicholas E Fernholz
Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota


Nicholas E Fernholz :: Administrative Associate 1

Amy S Hewitt :: Director, Institute on Community Integration

Rebecca Dosch Brown :: Interdisciplinary Education Director

Macdonald M Metzger :: Director of Outreach

Mark R Olson :: Project Coordinator


Kaitlin C Pearson :: Office/Access Assistant

Partner staff

Holly M Hartung :: Senior Development Officer


Art for All: The Stephanie Evelo Fund for Art Inclusion Website

A website presenting Art for All: The Stephanie Evelo Fund for Art Inclusion, a project that showcases ongoing and revolving exhibits of visual art by artists with disabilities, celebrating art and…

Published: 2007


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