This project has two goals. The first goal is to move the Minnesota TBI State Plan towards racial equity and address the impact of systemic racism on traumatic brain injury (TBI) services and supports by building equal community participation in research that will benefit them. The project has established a new multicultural community model so that all Minnesotans with TBI can help improve services and supports in the Minnesota TBI State Plan. The project's second goal is to create and use a Brain Injury Statewide Data Driven Decision-Making model to make data collection more comprehensive so it shows the level of need for—and barriers to—various types of services and supports across systems.

Brian H Abery, Renata Ticha
Brian H Abery, Renata Ticha
Minnesota Department of Human Services


Brian H Abery :: Senior Research Associate

Renata Ticha :: Senior Research Associate


  • Community life
    • Community supports and services
  • Culture and diversity
    • Cultural competence
  • Health and safety
    • Healthcare
  • Specific disability
    • Other health impairment


  • Research