Enhancing Physical Activity Among Older Adults Using Nao, a Socially Assistive Robot


This interdisciplinary project involved researchers from psychology, special education, and engineering, using a socially assistive robot to promote a healthy lifestyle among older adults. Socially assistive robots are a combination of socially interactive robots and assistive robots. The project addressed risk factors that can pose barriers to healthy aging, including a sedentary lifestyle and feelings of loneliness, through the use of socially assistive robots programmed to support a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Brian H Abery, Renata Ticha
Renata Ticha
College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota, Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota


Brian H Abery :: Senior Research Associate

Partner staff

Vassilios Morellas :: Research Director 1

Renata Ticha :: Senior Research Associate


  • Community life
    • Aging and retirement
    • Assistive/adaptive technology
    • Friendships and social relationships
  • Specific life stage
    • Seniors
  • Health and safety
    • Health and wellness