NCEO Technical Reports: A Summary of the Research on the Effects of Test Accommodations: 2009-2010 (#65)


A report providing an update on the state of the research on testing accommodations as well as identifying promising future areas of research. Previous reports by NCEO have covered research published since 1999. The authors summarize the research to review current research trends and enhance understanding of the implications of accommodations use in the development of future policy directions, implementation of current and new accommodations, and valid and reliable interpretations when accommodations are used in testing situations. In 2009 and 2010, 48 published research studies on the topic of testing accommodations were found. The studies in 2009-2010 demonstrated several similarities when viewing them in comparison with previous research, especially in relation to the 2007-2008 studies examined in the previous accommodations research review. However, there were several differences, or shifts, as well.


November 2012 
Number 65
National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO)


  • Educational accountability and assessment
    • Accessibility & Accommodations
    • Students with Disabilities