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DSP Sarah Preston's job is essential and invisible (COVID-19)

DSP LaRissa Epp feels valued as an essential worker (COVID-19)

DSP Elizabeth Scholze is stressed at home and at work (COVID-19)

Julie Witterts appreciates her fellow DSPs. (COVID-19)

Mike Noren – DSPs are essential workers. (COVID-19)

Julie Witterts – DSPs are essential. (COVID-19)

For DSP LaRissa Epp, some days better than others (COVID-19)

DSP Elizabeth Scholze is staying healthy by walking (COVID-19)

DSP Sarah Preston is reducing stress by volunteering (COVID-19)

Mike Noren is helping the people he supports understand what is happening. (COVID-19)

Mike Noren is staying safe. (COVID-19)

Mike Noren believes it's important to relax because we're all scared. (COVID-19)

Tracy Abolins is staying safe. (COVID-19)

Tracy Abolins – we're not heroes. (COVID-19)

Tracy Abolins – we're short staffed. (COVID-19)

DSP Melissa on the dilemma of being essential staff. (COVID-19)

DSP Brandon Duncan is leaving his job to care for his brother. (COVID-19)

DSP Tyler Roberts works as a job coach.

Julie Witterts has small children and is expecting, but is doing all right. (COVID-19)

Julie Witterts is working virtually doing community habilitation. (COVID-19)

Mike Noren has advice for new workers. (COVID-19)

DSP Heather Enyeart love that every day is different.

DSP Harold Boyd struggles with getting other staff members engaged.

DSP Trisha Norberg wants to see DSPs valued and paid what they're worth.

Mark Olson reflects on his work as a DSP.

Joe Macbeth talks about when he started as a DSP in 1983.

DSP Abby Lamark on seeing her job as a career.

DSP Maxine Bostick recommends the credentialing process.

DSP Siraj Magboul fell in love with the work.

DSP Terry has worked in this field for over 18 years.

DSP Connie Pulley doesn't see disabiity, she sees family.

Aileen Vassel describes her work and aspirations as a DSP.

Bridget Siljander discusses her challenges in working as a DSP.

DSP Ben Steinbook got into this field by accident and hasn't looked back.

DSP Courtney Bonebrake is motivated by the relationships she has made.

DSP Lisa Mottsey learns from the people she supports.

DSP Sarah Preston: it's stressful (COVID-19)

DSP LaRissa Epp: DSPs are essential, fighting for the rights of those we support (COVID-19)

DSP Elizabeth Scholze: my job is essential (COVID-19)

DSP Elizabeth Scholze finds it challenging for all being stuck at home (COVID-19)

DSP LaRissa Epp: individuals cannot see their families (COVID-19)

DSP Ken Reedy – my responsibilities have changed (COVID-19)

DSP Ken Reedy – It's been challenging working with people I do not know (COVID-19)

DSP Becky Cellura - What I do to stay safe (COVID-19)

DSP Elizabeth Scholze: my work responsibilities have changed (COVID-19)

DSP Ken Reedy on allegiance to work and family (COVID-19)

DSP Becky Cellura - We've kept everyone safe (COVID-19)

DSP Ken Reedy on managing anxiety (COVID-19)

DSP Becky Cellura - Managing stress (COVID-19)

DSP Ken Reedy on protecting myself and others (COVID-19)

DSP Becky Cellura - Keeping fit and well (COVID-19)

DSP Ken Reedy on loss, grief, and lack of leadership (COVID-19)

DSP Becky Cellura - Coworkers and I are staying inside to keep people safe

DSP Ken Reedy – DSPs are essential because no one else cares (COVID-19)

DSP Becky Cellura - My job is essential and it's my passion (COVID-19)

DSP Ken Reedy – nobody knows what we do (COVID-19)

DSP Becky Cellura - Society has changed (COVID-19)

DSP Ken Reedy – recognizing how far we need to go (COVID-19)

DSP Becky Cellura - My responsibilities have changed during COVID-19

DSP Becky Cellura - Using technology with staff but not those I support (COVID-19)

DSP Brianne Briceland - How I take care of myself (COVID-19)

DSP Brianne Briceland - Managing stress (COVID-19)

DSP Brianne Briceland - Protecting myself and others (COVID-19)

DSP Brianne Briceland - Long-term effects on co-workers and those I support (COVID-19)

DSP Brianne Briceland - We have no cases of COVID-19 at this time

DSP Brianne Briceland - Changing work responsibilities (COVID-19)

DSP Brianne Briceland - questions my co-workers struggle with

DSP Brianne Briceland on why DSPs matter (COVID-19)

DSP Brianne Briceland on evolution of her career in direct support

DSP Caroleyne Buttram on changing work responsibilities (COVID-19)

DSP Caroleyne Buttram on protecting herself and others (COVID-19)

DSP Caroleyne Buttram – Current stress levels (COVID-19)

DSP Caroleyne Buttram – Our team is doing well (COVID-19)

DSP Caroleyne Buttram – Our agency is supporting us (COVID-19)

DSP Caroleyne Buttram is an essential worker (COVID-19)

DSP Caroleyne Buttram loves working as a DSP

DSP Darian Smith – Work responsibilities have changed (COVID-19)

DSP Darian Smith – On assuming a managerial role

DSP Darian Smith on staff who contracted COVID-19

DSP Darian Smith on protecting himself and others (COVID-19)

DSP Darian Smith – Focus on staying healthy, reducing stress (COVID-19)

DSP Darian Smith – Be strong (COVID-19)

DSP Darian Smith on supporting his co-workers (COVID-19)

DSP Darian Smith – DSPs are essential (COVID-19)

DSP Maureen Marra – Changing work responsibilities (COVID-19)

DSP Maureen Marra – How the pandemic is affecting relationships

DSP Maureen Marra on handling stress (COVID-19)

DSP Maureen Marra – Experiences of my co-workers (COVID-19)

DSP Maureen Marra – Looking to the future

DSP Maureen Marra on why DSPs matter

DSP Deyanelin Galvez on changing work responsibilities

DSP Deyanelin Galvez on supporting folks with COVID-19

DSP Deyanelin Galvez on protecting herself and others

DSP Deyanelin Galvez on managing stress