About Caring for yourself as a caregiver: Avoiding burnout through effective communication

Direct support work is the cornerstone of disability services and support. Direct support workers play a critical role in supporting individuals to lead quality, self-directed lives in the community. Direct support work is challenging work. It’s not only important to provide individuals high-quality supports, it’s also important to care for yourself. Stress and burnout are chronic issues in our industry. Join one of the upcoming sessions to learn more about how to support choice and self-direction for individuals, and how to practice good self-care that promotes wellness.


What times are the trainings available?

Training sessions for 2022-2023 are being offered via Zoom. See below for a list of locations and times. The training last for four hours.

How do I sign up to attend?

To register, email admin@minnesotadswtraining.com

Are there limits to how many people can attend a training session?

Yes, each session is open to 25 attendees. Registration is first come first serve. Trainings will be canceled if there are fewer than 5 registrants.

Can anyone attend these trainings?

These sessions are available to anyone who supports a person participating in PCA Choice, Consumer Directed Community Supports or the Consumer Support Grant. The sessions are not available for workers in traditional PCA. If you are unsure which program the person you work with participates in, please ask your provider agency or financial management service (FMS) provider.

Does attending one of these sessions count towards the $500 training stipend offered by DHS?

Yes, attendance in a session can be applied towards the $500 stipend available to workers in PCA Choice, CDCS and CSG. However, the University of Minnesota does not issue this stipend (Note, all of the funds for the stipends have been given out. There are currently no stipends available.). For more information about the stipend visit: https://mn.gov/dhs/partners-and-providers/news-initiatives-reports-workgroups/long-term-services-and-supports/pca-enhanced-rate/qualifying.jsp

Do I get a certificate of attendance?

Yes, attendees will receive a certificate of attendance for their records.

Will I need to do anything after the training?

Attendees will be asked to conduct a follow-up evaluation 4 weeks after a training session to ask about how you are using the information you learned. This follow-up evaluation is optional and not required. If you complete a follow-up evaluation you will be entered in a drawing to receive a $100 gift card. One $100 gift card will be awarded for each session.

Are there interpreters at the training?

ASL interpreters can be arranged if requested. CART is available for online sessions if requested. If you require any disability-related accommodations to attend a session, please request accommodations when you register.

What if I can’t be there when the training starts, can I come late.

No, all attendees must be prepared to start when the session begins. Please give yourself time to log in.

Who is conducting the training sessions?

Training sessions are coordinated and conducted by staff at the U of M’s Institute on Community Integration

Training Times

A reminder email will be sent out to participants 5 days before the training. The emails will include a Zoom link to the online sessions or the exact location of the in-person sessions. Trainings will be canceled if there are fewer than 5 registrants.

To register, email admin@minnesotadswtraining.com

2022-2023 Sessions

Zoom Sessions:

June 21, 9-1

En español

22 de junio – 9:00 a. m. a 1:00 p. m.

Special Topics

Caregiver Wellness: Regaining Your Energy, Optimism and Hope (via Zoom)

June 17, 10-12