Assists the  Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in accelerating its understanding of the challenges that states face related to the HCBS direct service workforce and with potential strategies and solutions to address those challenges, including for individuals/family members hiring and managing their own direct service workers.  It is also intended to assist CMS with accelerating its understanding and advancing the delivery of HCBS for specific Medicaid-eligible populations, including youth with disabilities who are transitioning out of the foster care system; and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities living with and cared for by aging parents and guardians.

Barbara A Kleist
Barbara A Kleist
Subcontract from
Lewin Group [Falls Church, VA]
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


Barbara A Kleist :: Program Manager

Amy S Hewitt :: Director, Institute on Community Integration


Danielle C Mahoehney :: Community Living and Employment Specialist


Lynda Lahti Anderson :: Research Associate

Kristin Dean :: Director of Information Technology

Shawn C Lawler :: Web Developer


Amanda W Ryan :: Academic Technologist