Maryland Statewide Technical Assistance Project on Organization-Wide Positive Behavior Support


This project aims to create a common language and set of strategies for implementing positive behavior support across Maryland to increase quality of life and prevent challenging behaviors statewide. The project will establish the local, regional, and statewide training and technical assistance infrastructure necessary to achieve sustainable and effective outcomes. It will continue providing training to the agencies that started implementing positive behavior support during the 2018-2019 fiscal year, while bringing on new cohorts during each of the project's three years. The project will develop a statewide plan to integrate the coaching, training, and data-based decision-making systems at the regional level, allowing the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration to fade outside consultation and integrate positive behavior support into the work already taking place.

The COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult for Maryland organizations to hire and retain staff. The project addresses this problem, building capacity through on-site team training, on-site organization-level visits, web-based meetings, and ongoing virtual technical assistance to support implementation and build sustainability. Online modules provide statewide training opportunities and ensure that training is not lost through staff attrition caused by the pandemic.

Rachel L Freeman, Jessica J Simacek
Rachel L Freeman, Jessica J Simacek
Maryland Department of Health
Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration
Sheppard Pratt
University of Maryland Eastern Shore's Engineering and Aviation Sciences


Rachel L Freeman :: Senior Research Associate

Jessica J Simacek :: Director, TeleOutreach Center


  • Community life
    • Positive behavior support


  • Technical assistance