Research and Training Center on Community Living Diversity Fellowships


Aims to (1) increase the knowledge and capacity of disability within a community-based organization (CBO) that serves diverse and/or underrepresented families, and (2) inform ICI about how to increase staff/trainee diversity, support underserved individuals and families, and better serve diverse communities. This project was part of RTC-CL's ongoing efforts to address the professional and educational disparities experienced by historically-underrepresented communities in Minnesota and expand the Center's network to diverse staff and stakeholders. The project also expanded the Center's network to diverse staff and stakeholders. It was a pipeline to improve the recruitment and employment of underrepresented groups, including people with disabilities, within ICI, which is a University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, and in the workforce.

The project funded several Fellows. One was a CBO staff member who serves underrepresented Minnesota families and is interested in the disability field. Another Fellow was a graduate student or Minnesota LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities) alumna/alumnus or a person with emerging expertise (which may include lived experience) in serving individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families, and who is interested in community work. Fellows committed to a year-long project chosen in collaboration with their CBO and RTC-CL mentors. The projects instilled inclusion within organizations and among individuals, such as in a culturally-responsive person- and family-centered thinking and planning model. Participating Fellows and CBOs in turn better serve the diverse needs of families. The lessons that Fellows learned from working in CBOs inform future inclusive training efforts and expand RTC-CL internal practices and norms, while advancing a shared commitment to expand diversity within RTC-CL and partnering CBOs.

This project was archived on 11/18/2021

Jennifer A Hall-Lande
Jennifer A Hall-Lande
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Research and Training Center on Community Living


Rebecca Dosch Brown :: Director of Interdisciplinary Education

Jennifer A Hall-Lande :: Research Associate


  • Community life
    • Person-centered planning and practices
    • Social inclusion
  • Culture and diversity
    • Cultural competence
  • Specific disability
    • Intellectual/developmental disability (IDD)


  • Training and professional development
  • Outreach