Policy priorities for the intellectual and developmental disabilities community


The Biden administration can make a tremendous difference in the lives of millions of people with disabilities, and their families and communities, by prioritizing home and community-based services, removing the bias for institutional placement, and recognizing the essential status of DSPs through a standard occupational classification tied to wages commensurate with job responsibilities. Investing in caregiving systems produces twice as many jobs per dollar invested than physical infrastructure investment, research shows. The return on investment in human capital will include better health and quality of life outcomes and a sustainable, direct support workforce. Now is the time to take the bold steps to make this happen.

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Smith, J. (2021). Policy priorities for the intellectual and developmental disabilities community. Journal of Health Care Finance, 47(SF 2), 33–34. Retrieved from http://www.healthfinancejournal.com/~junland/index.php/johcf/article/view/247


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Volume 47, Number SF 2
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