Community Living and Participation: Embracing the Complexity and Forging Forward

Amy S Hewitt, Roger J Stancliffe, Eric Emerson


This special issue of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) provides summary reviews of and expert commentaries on what is known, what points of debate exist, and what remains unknown about important outcome areas related to community living and participation for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in the United States. The areas of focus (e.g., social inclusion, families, employment, health and wellness, and self-determination and choice) were identified as critical to the enhancement and promotion of community living and participation of persons with IDD by service systems, organizations, and practitioners. Articles also focused on important methodological considerations of research in these areas, such as issues concerning self-report data, population data sets, and measurement of quality of life. System and individual predictors of outcomes were addressed along with how policy makers should use such information in formulating policy and services....Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesIDD

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Hewitt, A. S., Stancliffe, R. J., & Emerson, E. (2013). Community Living and Participation: Embracing the Complexity and Forging Forward. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 51(5), 423–427.


Peer-Reviewed Article 
Volume 51, Number 5
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