Dogged Determination: An Anthology of the 1957 Law Requiring Education for Handicapped Children in Minnesota's Public Schools -- A First in the Nation


A history of Minnesota's pioneering 1957 law that required special education in the state's public schools for children with disabilities who were considered educable.

Evelyn Deno (1911-2005), a University of Minnesota professor, collected stories from those who were involved in drafting and implementing the 1957 law, but she passed away before it could be published. The book is named after her dogged determination to create public school services for children with disabilities and her tenacity to complete the anthology.

Part I provides a succinct history of how children with disabilities were at first institutionalized and then gradually educated in public schools in Minnesota. Part II shares the stories from those involved in getting the law passed. And Part III summarizes through first hand accounts about how the 1957 law provided for the creation of a special education section in the Department of Education, for teacher training programs, and for individualized specialized services in the public schools.


Institute on Community Integration


  • Community life
    • Civil rights
  • Educational accountability and assessment
    • Students with Disabilities