NCEO Technical Reports: Matching Information in National Data Collection Programs to a Model of Post-School Outcomes and Indicators (#17)

Part of the NCEO Technical Reports series.
Kevin McGrew, Mike Vanderwood, Hyeonsook Shin, Martha L Thurlow


This year 1995 report describes the extent of correspondence between information available on indicators for post-school outcomes in national data collection programs and the post-school outcomes in a model developed by the National Center on Educational Outcomes and partnering stakeholders. Findings include: 1) a summary of post-school outcomes for all students represented in ten national data collection programs, 2) the observation that these outcomes are less available for students with disabilities than indicators at the school completion level, and 3) the conclusion that there is a significant exclusion or lack of identification of students with disabilities in national data programs. Recommendations are provided to revise national data collection programs in order to produce useful policy-relevant information regarding post-school completion outcomes for students with disabilities.

Some content is out-of-date


October 1995 
Number 17
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National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO)