NCEO Technical Reports: Experts' Opinions on National Math Standards for Students with Disabilities (#3)

Part of the NCEO Technical Reports series.
James Shriner, Dong-il Kim, Martha L Thurlow, James E Ysseldyke


This year 1992 report presents survey results of eleven experts in mathematics education, special education and assessment in relation to current math instruction and the Curriculum and Evaluation Standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and the perceived appropriateness and feasibility of the Standards for students with disabilities. Results showed that the experts agreed the adoption of the Standards was minimal and that math education in practice continues to emphasize basic skills. Two opposing viewpoints were evident in the experts' responses. One viewpoint was that the Standards did not recognize the importance of individual differences and were not better than current practice in math education. The opposing viewpoint was that the Standards reflected a vision of what mathematics should be and that minimal, non- substantial modifications were needed for students with disabilities. These opinions are summarized and discussed.

Some content is out-of-date


September 1992 
Number 3
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