Direct Support: A Realistic Job Preview (ANCOR/RTC)


A video illustrating the real, everyday work of direct support professionals (DSPs) in the field of developmental disabilities. This job preview is a DSP recruitment strategy designed to give potential employees detailed and balanced information about job expectations, the employer, and the worksite, so they can make an informed decision about accepting a job offer from the employer.

The video is available through licensing for agencies that wish to incorporate it into their online training for staff. The fee for viewing the video is based upon the size of the client organization, which determines the number of authorized views. For information about agency licensing for Web use, send an email to You can find more information about licensing the video and access fees here.

A realistic job preview provides both positive and negative information that potential staff are unlikely to know. DSPs profiled in the video offer first-person advice about this important career choice in the following areas: On the Job, Rewards of Direct Support, Challenges of Direct Support, Qualities of a Great DSP, and Lessons Learned.


Jerry W Smith for information about agency licensing for Web use at or +1 612-624-4336
American Network of Community Options and Resources
Research and Training Center on Community Living (RTC-CL)


  • Direct support workforce
    • Human resources and management
    • Retention and recruitment
    • Workforce development strategies
  • Specific life stage
    • Adults