Forum on Speech-to-Text and Scribing: Getting a Handle on What This Means

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A report on a forum held on June 26, 2018 in San Diego, California that brought together staff from state departments of education, school districts, testing and testing-related companies, and other educational organizations to discuss speech-to-text and scribing, the differences in terminology, challenges associated with speech-to-text, and needed research. The forum was a pre-session to the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) National Conference on Student Assessment (NCSA), and was a collaboration of the Assessing Special Education Students (ASES), the State Collaborative on Assessment and Student Standards (SCASS), and the National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO). This report summarizes both the introductory information provided to forum participants, and the facilitated forum discussions that followed.


September 2018 
Michael L Moore or +1 612-626-0546
National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO)


  • Educational accountability and assessment
    • English Learners with Disabilities
    • Accessibility & Accommodations
    • English Learners
    • Students with Disabilities