Renáta Tichá pictured in 2016 speaking at an inclusion conference in India.

Participants from at least eight countries next month will share insights on supporting the employment of people with disabilities, despite the challenges of COVID-19 and longstanding workplace discrimination, in a forum hosted by the Global Resource Center on Inclusive Education at ICI.

The Dignity of Work: Challenges and Opportunities Facing People with Disabilities Around the World will highlight global success stories of employees with disabilities, their families, employers and professionals in the field who are capturing the power of a diverse international workforce. The online forum is March 3, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Central Time.

Frustrated by the pandemic’s interference with her and her team’s objectives for expanding global inclusion work, ICI’s Renáta Tichá (pictured in 2016 speaking at an inclusion conference in India) was moved when thinking about how people with disabilities were coping with severe challenges, including reduced income or lost jobs, and social isolation.

“People with disabilities have shown resilience, innovation, and motivation to participate in meaningful employment, against considerable odds,” Tichá said. “Employment not only results in personal income and greater independence, but also in social connections, a sense of contribution to society, and a feeling of being valued and respected.”

Parents of people with disabilities will discuss their hopes and fears about job opportunities, and employers who have hired people with disabilities will share their perspectives. Key experts from diverse academic, government, and non-governmental organizations will also provide insights.