KARE 11 Features ICI-directed Films on Autism Awareness in Diverse Communities

Tue Nov 20 2018
Sheletta Brundidge and ICI's Anab Gulaid in a television interview.

On November 19, KARE 11, the NBC television affiliate in the Twin Cities, featured ICI-directed films about autism awareness in diverse Minnesota communities. The 3:48 minute news story focused on Sheletta Brundidge (left). She was one of several minority parents of children with autism who discussed their experiences in a series of short films targeting communities of color. The films were produced by the Minnesota Department of Human Services and directed by ICI's Jerry Smith.

ICI's Anab Gulaid (right), who sat in on the television interview with Brundidge, said that a proper early diagnosis leads to better resources, such as help with funding from the county and state for therapy and treatment. Brundidge's actions illustrate this. Unlike many minority parents who dismiss developmental warning signs, Brundidge "trusted her gut," and had her children tested for autism before age 2. When they were diagnosed with autism, she immediately got them the therapy and school programs they needed. Her children are now in regular classrooms with little support.