Thu Dec 01 2016
Sheryl Lazarus.

Education Week quoted Sheryl Lazarus from ICI’s National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO) in its November 29 article, “ACT to Offer Test Supports for English-Learners.” According to Education Week, ACT, the leading U.S. college admissions testing company, has announced that it will begin offering accommodations for English-learners on the ACT in fall 2017, marking the first time that students with limited English proficiency will be able to request extra time and other supports on a national college-entrance exam. But, as Lazarus notes in the article, this raises questions about which accommodations English-learners will be allowed to use on the ACT. “I really hope ACT will have an approval process that is transparent, clear, and that educators and states understand,” she says. “I encourage ACT to get more information out there so that we can all learn from it.”