Fri Dec 13 2019
ICI Director Amy Hewitt (left) and Coordinator John Smith (right) share a laugh in her office.

CEHD Connect, the magazine of the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota, has profiled ICI in its Winter 2020 issue. In words and pictures, the feature story, "Advancing Inclusion: ICI's Latest Bold Steps Echo Its Roots," tells the history of the Institute through its people, numerous projects, and the vision that has always guided them: a world that fully embraces and empowers people with intellectual, developmental, and other disabilities. Through applied research, hands-on and online training, cultural outreach, and international exchanges, ICI leaders and staff view disability through a social lens, where the problem to solve is found in how society perceives and treats people with disabilities. Yet, despite all of its progress since the Institute began in 1985, much work still needs to happen for ICI to realize the dream of full inclusion for people living with disabilities. Acknowledging this reality, ICI Director Amy Hewitt (pictured at left with Coordinator John Smith) spoke of the Institute's stedfast "commitment to challenging assumptions along the path to justice for persons living with disabilities."