• Office Supervisor
+1 612-624-6328
Institute on Community Integration
Room 103 PtH [map]
150 Pillsbury Dr SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Jessica has been employed at the University of Minnesota since 2008. She spent seven years working as an academic advisor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and then moved to CEHD to work for the Institute for Translational Research in Children's Mental Health in 2015.

In August of 2016, she moved over to The Institute on Community Integration and is working for the Research and Training Center on Community Living. You can find her in 107 Pattee. Feel free to stop by and say hello!



Research and Training Center on Community Living (RTC-CL)

Conducts a wide range of research, training, and technical assistance and dissemination projects related to community supports under its center grant and related project funding. The RTC-CL is…