This project evaluates the Charting the LifeCourse Parent Training. The evaluation plan includes both formative and summative evaluation activities. Formative activities ensure that the training is designed, implemented, and adjusted to meet trainees' needs. Formative activities include using the “Like, Learn, Change” process in which participants are asked to identify one thing they liked about the training, one thing they learned from the training, and one thing they would change about the training. This allows trainers to review material that was unclear to participants and to adjust the training session.

The second formative evaluation measure is a training evaluation that occurs at the end of each training session. This is a short survey that uses a Likert scale to gauge the extent to which participants believe the training met the stated objectives, encouraged group participation, had knowledgeable trainers that created a comfortable atmosphere for learning, and that the participants increased their knowledge or understanding of the training topics. Open-ended questions ask participants to identify what they learned and will apply from the training.

Lynda Lahti Anderson
Lynda Lahti Anderson
Minnesota Department of Human Services



Lynda Lahti Anderson :: Research Associate


  • Community life
    • Parenting and family relationships


  • Evaluation