GoMN! Project: From Subminimum Wages to Competitive Integrated Work


This project trains individuals and families in Minnesota to transition from subminimum wage to competitive integrated employment. The training covers self-advocacy skills, supported decision-making, transportation, and benefits planning.

In years 2-3, ICI will use proven tools such as the Charting the Lifecourse Framework and DirectCourse to develop a “train the trainer” version of the training. This version will be designed for Minnesota’s Vocational Rehabilitation Services staff, schools, independent living centers, counties, and other vocational rehabilitation partners. This version aims to help these organizations discuss the transition with individuals and families, including adults receiving subminimum wage and students considering it.

Lynda Lahti Anderson
Lynda Lahti Anderson
U.S. Department of Education
Subcontract from
Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development
The Arc of Minnesota
Advocating Change Together



Lynda Lahti Anderson :: Research Associate

Julie Bershadsky :: Director, Community Living and Employment

Danielle C Mahoehney :: Community Living and Employment Specialist


  • Employment and postsecondary education
    • Employment and workforce development