Developmental Disabilities Rotation for Pediatricians

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Coordinates several components of the Developmental Disabilities Rotation required of all pediatric residents in the University of Minnesota Medical School, acquainting them with the design and implementation of community services for persons with disabilities and family-centered care and supports.

Beth E Fondell
Amy S Hewitt
Administration on Community Living, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Medical School, University of Minnesota
Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare


Amy S Hewitt :: Director, Institute on Community Integration


  • Education practices (K12 and transition)
    • Transition planning
  • Community life
    • Community supports and services
    • Parenting and family relationships
  • Specific life stage
    • Early childhood
    • Children
    • Adolescents and young adults
  • Early education and development
    • Child development
    • Early childhood transition
    • Early childhood screening and assessment
    • IFSP development
  • Housing and residential services
    • Family supports/in-home services
    • Medicaid services (residential)
  • Health and safety
    • Health and wellness
    • Healthcare
  • Specific disability
    • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
    • Intellectual/developmental disability (IDD)
    • Multiple disabilities
    • Physical disability


  • Training and professional development