RTC-OM Case Studies: Case Study 3: Implementing a Measurement Program: Independent Monitoring for Quality (IM4Q)


The Independent Monitoring for Quality (IM4Q) program grew from a 1997 recommendation from Pennsylvania’s Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) Planning Advisory Committee that led to the development of an action plan (2003 Quality Action Plan) that became the IM4Q measurement program. There are two critical features of IM4Q: independent monitoring and the process of “Considerations.” The interview team (family members, self-advocates, and others from the community) is independent, which means they are not a part of ODP, the county, or the individual’s service provider. The process includes a focus on personal outcomes called “Considerations” that is an essential part of the state’s quality assurance program. This report details the results of the case study conducted by the RTC-OM on the IM4Q measurement program using the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research model.


Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on HCBS Outcome Measurement (RTC-OM)