FYI from the Institute on Community Integration: February 2020


FYI Monthly is a monthly e-communication from the Institute on Community Integration. The February 2020 issue includes two feature stories, a leading ICI Facebook post from the past month, five new publications, staff updates, and an alumni update.

The feature stories are about ICI's ongoing international impact. The first story is about sustaining the Institute's international work by developing relationships that can carry work far beyond the initial scope of government or private grants. The second story, a profile, illustrates this. Mikala Mukongolwa of Zambia visited the Institute this month, one of her many information exchanges with ICI that began in 2004. She is back home in Africa now, implementing and expanding on what she learned at ICI.


February 2020 
Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota


  • International initiatives
    • Inclusive education
    • Disability advocacy