FYI from the Institute on Community Integration: June 2019


FYI Monthly is a monthly e-communication from the Institute on Community Integration. The June 2019 issue includes three feature stories, a leading ICI Facebook post from the past month, new publications, coming events, and numerous staff updates.

The first feature story in this issue is about several "how-to" videos that ICI created for the Self-Advocacy Online website. The second story is about ICI's work on a new community-based employment project for youth in Bhutan in south-central Asia. The last feature story quotes the 2018-19 MNLEND Fellows as they graduate and take their new expertise and enthusiasm out into the world.


June 2019 
Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota


  • Community life
    • Recreation and leisure
    • Employment and postsecondary education
      • Employment and workforce development
      • Health and safety
        • Health and wellness
        • International initiatives
          • Disability advocacy
          • Specific disability
            • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)