Forum on Evaluating Educator Effectiveness: Critical Considerations for Including Students with Disabilities

Sandra Warren, Martha L Thurlow, Sheryl Lazarus, Laurene L Christensen, Anne Chartrand, Rebekah L Rieke


A report summarizing the discussion at the Forum on Evaluating Educator Effectiveness held in June 2012 in Minneapolis. Thirty-six individuals representing a dozen states, four testing companies, and six other organizations participated in the forum, which was a pre-session to the Council of Chief State School Officers National Conference on Student Assessment, and was a collaboration of the Assessing Special Education Students State Collaborative on Assessment and State Standards and the National Center on Educational Outcomes. Its purpose was to address the challenging issues that exist in including students with disabilities and their teachers in educator evaluation systems, and to provide state representatives and other interested parties with an opportunity to meet and share their perspectives on this topic, particularly in light of the changing nature of accountability systems across the United States. This report summarizes the introductory material provided to participants, and presents a summary of the discussions in three facilitated topic discussion sessions focusing on including assessment results of students with disabilities, using IEP goals or student learning objectives, and developing a balanced model for educator effectiveness evaluations.


National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO)
Council of Chief State School Officers
Council of Chief State School Officers


  • Education practices (K12 and transition)
    • IEP development
  • Specific life stage
    • Children
    • Adolescents and young adults
  • Educational accountability and assessment
    • Alternate Assessments