Implementation of Job Development Practices

Alberto Migliore, John Butterworth, Monica Cox, Derek K Nord PhD, Amy Gelb


We investigated the extent to which employment consultants implemented job development practices recommended in the literature when assisting job seekers with intellectual or developmental disabilities. We contacted 83 employment consultants from 25 employment programs in Minnesota and Connecticut. Fifty-nine participants were eligible and completed surveys. We found inconsistencies between the employment consultants' practices and the job development literature in areas such as involvement of family members and acquaintances, observation of job seekers in work and non-work environments, analyses of employers' needs, development of customized jobs, and assistance with work incentives planning. We recommend a system-wide effort for supporting employment consultants in implementing promising job development practices. This effort needs to involve funding agencies, employment programs, accreditation agencies, training programs, and researchers.

Suggested Citation

Migliore, A., Butterwoth, J., Cox, M., Nord, D., & Gelb, A. (2012). Implementation of Job Development Practices. 50(3), 207–218.


Peer-Reviewed Article 
Volume 50, Number 3
American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities